The Future Is Here !

My favorite thing about 2018 is realizing that I get to be alive in the FUTURE! Some people lived their lives in the 1800s some further back in the middle ages. The awareness starts to really settle in when we notice the evolution of career paths. They’re making people rich while still sort of hobby like jobs. Job titles like You-tuber, blogger, Instagram model, actor or comedian are respected and sought after careers. The other day while scrolling through my timeline I saw for the very first time an online bank that was completely virtual, no branches just a website only AND the FDA approved it. I mean why wouldn’t they ? We are living in some futuristic times, despite the fact our cars aren’t flying and we haven’t built ice cream shops on Mars yet. Nevertheless this is the future right here in 2018 and beyond.

Which brings me to my point; business and how we market our businesses have developed a new futuristic blue print. Check the dates on books and the information you learn from it because it can be outdated. The blue print changes with time and people’s behaviors do too. As a business owner studying people is how marketing is improved. So we must grow our business based off of the future we now live in !

Here’s what consumer behavior is telling us

  1. People are Impatient
  2. More curious ( according to google search results 2017)
  3. Expect things right here, right now
  4. Sleep Deprived due to constantly being online
  5. Multitasking frequently

I encourage you to further research on some consumer behaviors that are relevant to your business.