Get Your Gains UP !

My name is Hector Regalado. I am 27 years old. I love to help other people, whether it’s related to fitness, mental health, emotional intelligence or spiritual guidance. My self-awareness is exceptional and I aspire to help others find their purpose in life.

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What’s your Preneur? 

I am a personal trainer with my own fitness company called HDC Fitness. I help people achieve their goals pertaining to weight loss, muscle-building, nutrition, proper exercise form, and transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

What inspired you to start and how long have you been in business?

I got into fitness after concluding my college basketball career. I was short, skinny and I wanted to change my physical appearance. I wasn’t getting any love from the ladies, so I decided to start picking up the weights and eating a lot more to put on more muscle, since I couldn’t make myself any taller. Then I started educating myself on fitness, nutrition and physiology. That motivated me to become certified in personal training. I changed my major my senior year of college from accounting to sports administration, which landed me in the school of kinesiology where I learned more about exercise science. I have been personal training for six years now. I established my brand in 2015 and I made my LLC official earlier this year.
Technology has made it a lot easier for small businesses to handle their day to day task. What apps, media platforms or websites allow you to run your business with ease?

The number one app I use to track all of my finances is Quickbooks. It’s easy to use and efficient. It allows me to connect all my accounts, categorize my transactions the way I want to and it shows me how much money my business has made and how much money I have spent on my business. I use Tiny Calendar to schedule and manage all my clients’ sessions on a weekly basis. I also have my own website,, for inquiries, consultations and payment. Instagram is where most people hit me up. That’s primarily where I engage with respective and existing clients, as well as provide information about my services. And finally, I have a fitness app in the works so I can make business run a lot smoother and have everything I need in one direct place.


What’s your favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram is my favorite social media platform because I’m very active on there, which translates into a lot of traffic. I also promote some of my posts for marketing purposes. Instagram, alone, has helped my business tremendously.

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Where can people book a session with you?
People can book a session with me either through my website of course or via text. I only schedule on Sundays for the upcoming week. From experience, it’s easier on people to be able to adjust their schedules with me week by week, in case they have events planned a certain week.

In what ways do you believe that millennials are shaping the future?
They are shaping the future because they have to be more creative and inventive. Everything has been thought of so the kids growing up have to figure out what’s next and new that someone else hasn’t thought of yet. And of course, they have to compete with technology. Every day something new is coming out to make our lives a whole lot simpler but at the same time makes us lazy.
What advice would you give to someone looking to start personal training. Where should they start ?
I would definitely recommend getting a lot of education before even stepping into the personal training field. You have to ask yourself what separates you from one million other trainers in the world. The more educated you are, the more effective you are. You can’t just wing it when it comes to changing someone’s body. There is actual science behind this whole process that you should know about. Also, you should look the part, which is imperative for marketing yourself. No one wants a trainer who doesn’t look like they work out.


The Networking App That Works


I enjoy downloading apps that actually work, and when I say work I don’t just mean functionality . I’m talking about results.  Shapr is a new way of intentionally networking in a social media platform. They say it’s the “Tender” of business lol . While on tender you swipe left or right to select , shapr you click meet or pass to connect with someone whose business and/or title is a fit for you.

This app gets 5 stars for value . I’ve met financial advisers, artist, product managers and just about anyone I would consider an asset to my company or myself. We are all familiar with networking via instagram and facebook but to have a professional app where everyone is there for the same purpose of building and connecting is such a relief .

If you travel often no worries, the app pics up your location just like tender and you’re able to network with professionals in whatever city you go to. How freakin awesome is that !

shapr 1

One of my favorite features about Shapr is that each day they have a different inspirational quote posted on the home page.

Don’t take my word for it, download the app now by clicking the ad link below and tell me how it has helped you and your business grow ! This is not a paid advertisement I really use this app on a regular basis.


The Future Is Here !

My favorite thing about 2018 is realizing that I get to be alive in the FUTURE! Some people lived their lives in the 1800s some further back in the middle ages. The awareness starts to really settle in when we notice the evolution of career paths. They’re making people rich while still sort of hobby like jobs. Job titles like You-tuber, blogger, Instagram model, actor or comedian are respected and sought after careers. The other day while scrolling through my timeline I saw for the very first time an online bank that was completely virtual, no branches just a website only AND the FDA approved it. I mean why wouldn’t they ? We are living in some futuristic times, despite the fact our cars aren’t flying and we haven’t built ice cream shops on Mars yet. Nevertheless this is the future right here in 2018 and beyond.

Which brings me to my point; business and how we market our businesses have developed a new futuristic blue print. Check the dates on books and the information you learn from it because it can be outdated. The blue print changes with time and people’s behaviors do too. As a business owner studying people is how marketing is improved. So we must grow our business based off of the future we now live in !

Here’s what consumer behavior is telling us

  1. People are Impatient
  2. More curious ( according to google search results 2017)
  3. Expect things right here, right now
  4. Sleep Deprived due to constantly being online
  5. Multitasking frequently

I encourage you to further research on some consumer behaviors that are relevant to your business.