You never meant to work a Job 

You ever think what the world would be like if we woke up everyday with no specific agenda? What if everyday we had free will to create, or invent or discover with adventure ? That’s exactly how life is supposed to be . Living life everyday creating and enhancing your talents! The idea was to advance life and enjoy it instead we’ve somehow got trapped in this “living to work” illusion.

For as long as I can remember I always had this knowing that I wanted to work for myself . I know some of you can relate to this feeling. Working day jobs to get Your business off the ground. We’ve all been there. Since launching my second idea The Chalk Cap (A hat you can write on) last year I’ve come to an understanding of how things work on this side of the world. And when I say “this side” I’m referring to the full-time successful entrepreneur. When you make the leap of faith to follow your dreams full time there’s a couple of things I wanted to put you on game to.

It’s like the biggest secret for some reason. I was slightly baffled at first as to why no one ever woke me up to this . I’ve been in association with very successful people who also have multiple businesses and tons of money . So much greed in this damn world no wonder I never knew.

You have the power to have and create whatever you truly want and need.

I wish it was as easy as just putting it there in that one sentence but its a process. It’s not a long process it’s really about how long it takes you to grasp the understanding. So I will be writing blog post every week teaching the basics that you can apply to your life today. Just keep an open mind and refrain from using fluoride (poison, look it up) based toothpaste for a week so you can actually hear me out.



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